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Holla Kids Intro Video, Stick & Move Book Trailer
Holla Kids Intro Video
Stick & Move Book Trailer
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Holla Kids Q&A - Creative Director, Subivu
Holla Kids Q&A
With Subivu Creative Director Jared Parks

What is Holla Kids? The Holla Kids Series teaches life strategies to help children excel in the face of real world challenges. Holla Kids says that everyone matters and has a unique voice and contribution to make on the world stage, and by the way here are some habit forming techniques like Stick & Move to help you achieve your greatest potential. Holla Kids storybook apps, books, music, wall graphics and games create a nurturing audiovisual environment for building powerful self-concepts and advancing emotional competence.

Conceptually, Holla Kids is a timeless attitude and disposition. Holla Kids is the idea that excellence is in our DNA, and with that great power comes great responsibility - the responsibility to strengthen the communities in which we live. The Holla Kids mode transcends age. The music, books and wall graphics are meant to be a shared audiovisual experience for children and adults. The ideas are universally applicable to learners of all ages. Stick & Move, Shake It Off, these practices are relevant at every age.

What do you mean by emotional competence? Emotional competence involves self-awareness and self-mastery. Self-awareness is understanding what I am feeling and why - important in decision making. Self-mastery is managing restrictive emotions, like fear and anger, that get in our way of living fully. Whenever we are upset we devolve into a suboptimal state. It is difficult to learn when you are preoccupied with toxic emotions.

What was your inspiration for creating Holla Kids? They tell me, "if you see something, say something." One of the biggest problems I see undermining community progress is the miseducation of our children about their value, potential and proper place on the world stage. Very early on our kids are literally being psyched out of position. Holla Kids is what I have to say.

What is Subivu? Subivu is a new children's media company. We are in the business of breaking through boundaries and limitations. We believe in seeing the whole picture. We believe in developing strong and agile mindsets. We believe strong minds build vibrant and sustainable communities. We believe social emotional learning is essential to child development and performance, so we create products that promote positive self-concepts and advance emotional savvy. We just so happen to make beautiful children's books, music and apps.

What is Stick & Move? Stick & Move, is a rhythmic blueprint for recognizing our inner power and using social emotional savvy on the road to achieving our greatest potential. Symbolized by the pogo stick, Stick & Move is about the art of balance. It is the practice of reading the underlying situation, grounding yourself, and moving purposefully. Stop - Relax -  Move On (to a solution). Comparable: The Places You Will Go - Dr. Seuss, Kung Fu Panda 2

Who is the creative team behind Holla Kids? Titus V. Thomas is a veteran illustrator and graphic designer, illustrating as research artist for Nickelodeon’s award winning shows including Dora the Explorer, The Little Bill Show and Backyardigans, and illustrating two titles “Everybody Eats Lunch” and “African American Classics: Graphic Classics 22.” Andre F. Jones is a seasoned game designer and developer, whose PI Studios produced the augmented reality gaming app Monstar Driver, and social two player game Munch’d. Jared Parks is a pioneering creative within the new media industry, creating animated greeting card and invitation site, and Internet and VOD TV Network Hollavision.

Why Holla Kids?  To help children develop powerful self-concepts and emotional competence, that will empower them to diffuse limiting deficit messages and exercise their full potential.

What are Holla Kids strengths? The Holla Kids series specifically addresses a core child development need, emotional competence, in a very relevant and concrete way. Universal stories are tailored to the unique style and sensibilities of today’s multicultural world. Striking and playful illustrations leap off the page. Innovative 3D interactivity and effects take full advantage of the latest technology. Complementary assets including music, wall graphics, and games provide a nurturing audiovisual environment. Strong team - talented, passionate, pioneering, tested.

Who should get Holla Kids? People and organizations who invest in the mental and emotional development of children; such as parents, caregivers, educators and advocates of children 0-7 years old.

Why do you say Stick & Move is a family affair and teaching moment? Holla Kids story books are meant to be a shared experience. They provide a shared teaching moment with your child. We don't wait until a child is on fire to teach them to stop drop and roll. So let’s not wait until a child is on emotional fire to teach them how to Stick & Move.

What does the future of  Holla Kids look like? TV and movie animation, live performances, books, apps, games, music, wall graphics, toys, clothing and home furnishing. International audience.

Holla Kids Coloring App
The Holla Kids Series teaches life strategies to help children excel in the face of real world challenges. Each title features an empowering life lesson. In the free coloring app, Holla Kids Tyler and Nile are lost in a colorless dimension where everyone and everything looks the same, because everyone is trying to fit in. Children are asked to color Tyler and Nile out of this lame space so they can be themselves and have fun in book one of the Holla Kids series, Stick & Move!
Child friendly and easy to use. Fun and relaxing for all ages. Lean back to a jazzy tune. No in-app purchases or banner ads!
You can:
Save pictures to camera roll. Share your art via facebook and email.
Coloring benefits for children:
Express ideas and stimulate creativity
Learn to plan and focus
Develop hand/eye coordination and patience  
Target Audience
Pre-K to 2nd Grade
Download the FREE Holla Kids Coloring app at the Apple App Store or Google Play  
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“Stick and Move!”


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Regional Ties:
New York - Titus V. Thomas, Illustrator/Designer :: Jamaica, Carolinas - Andre F. Jones, Designer/Developer :: PA, East OH - Jared Parks, Creative Director
Illustrator/Designer - Titus Can Draw
TITUSCANDRAW_LOGO Bronx native Titus V. Thomas is an illustrator and graphics designer based in NYC. A graduate of the High School of Art and Design in NYC, and North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC, Titus has illustrated as a research artist for Nick Jr.’s critically acclaimed shows, including Bill Cosby's The Little Bill Show, Dora the Explorer and Backyardigans. He designed and illustrated the 2008 Nappa Gold Award winning children’s board book Everybody Eats Lunch, a lunch box shaped cookbook with removable puzzle pieces featuring healthy recipes and cultures from various countries. Titus also contributed his talent to the 2011 anthology African-American Classics: Graphic Classics Volume 22, a collection of stories and poems from America’s earliest literary giants including Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston and W.E.B. Dubois, illustrated by contemporary African-American comic artists. Fresh off illustrating his first digital book title, the Holla Kids Coloring App, Titus is currently completing book one of the Holla Kids interactive storybook series, Stick & Move.
Designer/Developer - Pixel Interaction Studios
logo_PI_250_150 Charlotte-based Pixel Interaction Studios is a multi-disciplinary studio with a strong focus on user interface design, augmented reality and mobile game design. Launched in 2012 by veteran gaming designer/developer, Andre F. Jones, Pixel Interaction at its core is a cutting edge design studio focused on crafting sophisticated creative mobile gaming, digital books, and other mobile solutions for in-house productions and clients. Pixel Interaction released two titles in 2012, the innovative augmented reality game Monstar, and the socially engaging local two player game Munch’d. Pixel Interaction recently completed the Holla Kids Coloring Book app, and is currently designing and developing book one of the Holla Kids interactive storybook series, Stick & Move. Pixel Interaction also has a Leap Motion driven game in the development pipeline, with a planned 2015 release date.
Author/Creative Director - U. Knuckles
Knuckles_grey U. Knuckles grew up in Farrell, a hillside steel town just west of Pennsylvania's Allegheny mountains. He's a self-knowledge advocate and mindfulness teacher. He makes culturally responsive tools to help children develop emotional intelligence. Knuckles believes that self-awareness and self-mastery are necessary to thrive in our increasingly fast and complex world. He believes that strong and agile minds builds vibrant and sustainable communities. Holla Kids is his contribution to this collective work and responsibility.